Speeches: Executive Director of UNIFEM (Jun94-Aug07)


                       TOGETHER WE WIN: Noeleen Heyzer interacting with tribal women from Visakhapatnam in Hyderabad. (Photo: P.V. Sivakumar)

Dismantling Poverty – A Bold Agenda Calls for Bold Action

Women’s Funding Network Conference

27 April 2007, Seattle, WA, USA

UNIFEM at 30

The UNIFEM 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner

13 May 2006, New York, USA

Poverty and Women’s Work in the Informal Economy

High-level Consultation on Promoting the Gender Equality MDG

16 February 2006, Washington, D.C., USA

High–level Meeting on “Building Partnerships for Promoting Gender Justice in Post–Conflict Societies”

25 August 2005, Stockholm, Sweden

Oslo Donors’ Conference on Sudan

12 April 2005, Oslo, Norway

Responding to the Tsunami Tragedy: Women Must be at the Heart of Rebuilding Shattered Communities

5 January 2005, New York, USA

Women, War and Peace: Mobilizing for Security and Justice in the 21st Century

The Dag Hammarskjold Lecture 2004

22 September 2004, Uppsala, Sweden

Women’s Participation and Leadership: Vital to Democratic Governance

Summit on the Americas

13 January 2004, Monterrey, Mexico